Scalp Micropigmentation Training

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$ 4500 - $ 0
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The Leading Scalp Micropigmentation
Training Course


Expert Trainers

Train under two of the most sought-after experts in the SMP industry; Ray Diaz and Mike Misurelli. Both have over 12 years of experience combined in the industry and have decided to bring their knowledge together to create Masters SMP Academy. You will receive some of the best and highest quality training in the industry and be given all the skills you need to get set up.


Apprentice-style training

Experience apprentice-style training with the scalp micropigmentation experts here at Masters SMP Academy. Throughout the skills-based training, you will learn how to use scalp micropigmentation tools, handle pigments, create the perfect hairline, and more.

What the Training Covers:

Learn innovative scalp micropigmentation techniques and receive hands-on experience by enrolling in one of our Scalp Micropigmentation training courses.
Through a series of sessions, attendees will learn:
Hairline Design

Practice drawing hairlines and learn how vital the hairline shape and style are.

Depth & Density Treatments

An essential aspect of the treatment is to ensure the final result is naturally flawless. The correct depth and density of the needle and pigment will enable you to achieve this.

Blending Techniques

To create a realistic ‘buzz’ cut, you need to know how to blend and fade the pigment effectively. 

Pigment/color mixing

Colour mixing knowledge is essential as an individual pigment is not always the best match for a client’s skin. 

Sanitation & Sterilization

Learn about the steps in creating the correct sanitary working environment, avoiding cross-contamination, and correctly using sharp’s bins.

Proper Station Set Up

You will be shown the most efficient way of working and be taught how to correctly set up your station. 

Skin Color Matching analysis

Like makeup, you need to make sure the pigment is suited to the clients skin. 

Proper Needle Selection

You need to know the difference between the needle sizes in order to be able to create flawless results. 

What to Expect :

Who Are the trainers?

Your trainers are Ray Diaz and Mike Misurelli who are two of the most well respected artists and trainers within the industry.

Where Will the training take place?

Our 3 Day Masters Fundamental SMP Training and our 2-day Advanced Level 2 SMP Class are held across three locations - Virginia, Rhode Island and North Carolina.

How much do the courses Cost?

3 Day Fundamentals Training – $5000 for Training & equipment included. Or Alternatively $4500 for the course and equipment not included.
2 Day Advanced Level 2 Training – $2500. (We request you complete the Fundamental SMP class with us or an accepted program to be eligible for this course).

What will be covered?

A range of things will be covered throughout the course. Hairline Design, Depth and Density, Skin Colour Match, Blending Techniques, Pigment and Colour Mixing, Sanitation and Sterilization, Needle Selection and Proper Station Set Up.

Why Train in SMP?

Hair loss solutions are a big business. Millions of men and women worldwide suffer from hair loss with not many products to help them. There are no permanent solutions out there except SMP. Not only is it a permanent solution, but it is a lot more cost-effective than a hair transplant - and with that, you even run the risk of permanent scarring. Scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive and the results are immediate.

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training in scalp micropigmentation in virginia
Ray and Mike

Benefits of Training at Masters SMP Academy:

Access to accurate resources

Our coursework will provide you with in-depth knowledge and information that you require to understand the different stages of hair loss, what the common causes are and what different hair loss treatments are available.
Coursework given at Masters SMP Academy will predominantly focus on scalp micropigmentation. Once your training has been completed, you will understand and have a great deal of knowledge of this treatment.

Ongoing support

Don’t panic. You will not be left on your own once you have completed the course. We will be on hand to support you through your scalp micropigmentation business-building journey.
We want you to be one of the best SMP artists you can be, so we like to offer that continued support and be available for any questions you have.